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the some of the that's the case we go to the grand imperial trilogy the torch was pushed coromandel you can tell closely sedated to go parkland read this and the colonel was hotels as used to retreat. this is arty moscow and these are all top stories british m.p.'s grilled the murdoch media monarchy in a phone hacking and bribery scandal that shaken police politicians at the paper the . israeli commandos take over a ship carrying pro palestinian activist to garza forcing another attempt to break the same blockade of the region. and ties between russia and germany power up amid growing hunger for energy and moscow's readiness to do business. with the cautiously optimistic about the future of the euro as he meets merkel in germany.
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live from central moscow you're watching r.t. internationalists eleven pm here now my name is kevin owen and our top story rupert murdoch and his son james and the ex c.e.o. of their british media operation rebecca brooks face angry lawmakers of a phone hacking and police bribery claims of the now defunct news of the world events took a dramatic twist to when two protesters broke into the westminster committee chamber although water was quickly restored. follow all the latest for us from london. turns out that it's police are saying that it's somebody who is actually a comedian who tweeted earlier on that he was going to do something to disrupt proceedings one person he was taken out in handcuffs essentially what happened is that he broke into this room where they hit the end of the proceedings were taking place and he pelted murdoch with what appeared to be a white substance that it may or may not have been shaving foam or something quite
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light and managers managed to get merged with it at which point mr mr murdoch senior's wife stands up and attempts to slack the process down to try to protect her husband question but that moment the proceedings were suspended for around fifteen minutes in the afternoon and then. murdoch's jr and sr came back and took the stand at the end of their hearing the committee apologized profusely for what they said was an unacceptable interruption by a member of the public this is a scandal which has implications throughout society the news corp employees and indeed bosses have been answering questions the softening about what they knew about the phone hacking at the news of the world alleged payments to by journalists to the police james murdoch specifically approved payouts settling with celebrities particularly has been hacked why the committee was asking has he done
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that when he now admits that he didn't have full knowledge of what was going on at the news of the world and of course was there a cover up parliament and the police misled about what's been going on and says how is the police forces relationships with the press how is that how is that come to be as cosy as it appears to be from this scandal at the end of it has to be said that we put much of it was very contrite he said he apologized profusely to victims of the phone hacking scandal he said it was an unacceptable invasion into the lives of private people and he accepted that news of the world. and news corp and news international had broken trust with its readers he said he made mistakes and that people he had trusted had been betrayed and it's been another interesting development as well in that this scandal now has a death to go along with it police found the body of a man called sean hall in his house just on monday he was the first names journalist to allege that his editor at the time and he calls another news of the
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world who later became david cameron the prime minister's director of communications knew all along about the phone hacking and how it actively encouraged his journalists to hack into phones now that news has really broken on twitter the twitter r.t. as we call them are going going insane about it really comparing the death of sean hoare to the death of david kelly in two thousand and three but he of course was the u.n. weapons inspector who first cast doubts on the government's claims that iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within forty five minutes so those two deaths are being compared widely on twitter and i'll just read a few of the tweets that we've seen comparing these two deaths one says i can't help feeling there must be foul play involved in the sean hoare death much as i suspected with dr david kelly an uneasy feeling another one says it says everything about the british public paranoia that sean hoare is trending alongside to david
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kelly that shows a deep distrust of all foresty in this country and another one anyone else see the similarities in situation between sean hoare and david kelly or is it just me what they pushed or did they jump and in another extraordinary coincidence it turns out that both bodies were found on the eighteenth of july short hauls of course just yesterday and talked to david kelly in two thousand and three so eighteenth of july a day for whistleblowers. small reaction on the fallout of the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's news. british blogger how do you call mr cole a very good evening to you thanks for being on the line let's you just heard there from our correspondent laura on the speculation circling on twitter about the similarities between the deaths of sean hoare and david kelly about you've got some to say about that too strongly suspect well i think the police have come out. they are they are treating this not treating it as a special. and they don't believe that any third party was involved mr hall was was
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known. to be deeply troubled as one person it's me drink and drug addiction it was actually the reason he was there he was fired from the news that a few years ago because of his because of his it fiction so i do think this is a sad twist more than anything anything more suspicious of the story. of the past of many a british politician on their toes afraid of any potentially unflattering facts being published about the monday how likely is it what we're seeing today is a result of the political plot maybe back against murdoch. well i think. this story's been public over for a few years kind of under the surface in person since. kind of two thousand and six two thousand and seven when one rogue reporter from the news the world was was convicted but i think what really gave the story legs was the fact that david
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cameron the disgraced. cosen into the conservative party for the made in his director of communications i don't think without without that trying to kind of bet that legs given to the story i think it probably wouldn't have been quite so big as it is now but the fact is there's been some real errors of judgment it times out shared by the governing party but by the prime minister david cameron and he's now in a real fight he is in a real but really bad situation he could well be looking at some serious consequences for himself and at the very least still around him you say seriously how serious could he go over this. i'd say. after what's happened today what's the merits today that yes again his chief of staff has been shown to be essentially instigating a cover up about the connections. to the phone hacking and making sure that the prime minister of the opposition david cameron didn't know about it has been
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a large element of fingers in isn't just a kind of heads in the sand and that is lethal for a prime minister if there's any any kind of firm evidence that david cameron didn't know about because it's connections in some seriously very don't you think it was a private investigator says things like that and he's in real trouble i think there is potential ten to fifteen percent chance of the province go i think its chief of staff at llewellyn is a lot more trouble and we'll probably see him go to mark perry for the chunk i watched of the of the murdoch's being questioned earlier on for a came into the studio here there were a lot of a lot of passing the buck a lot of i don't know a lot of i wasn't aware of the kind of thing no great revelations came out apart from the apologies what was all this about them today just a t.v. show for the public. well i think oh i think the reflection that this is is a sort of the best result the models could have hoped for because no damning the revelations came out there's been no kind of twists involving them personally
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advocate them a real chance to be very humble to apologize to to show the public that they are human as being this reputation and had of being this kind of evil kind of kept stroking their own villain type to have got this reputation of the is a holding politicians by the puppet strings but i think once they showed this was there was one very frail old man who was at the end that they deeply shocked by what went on the head what went on underneath him and i think the public may have if you had to apologize but i need to not only the world's t.v. on its but as shallow as they are it's no surprise that news because shares are up seven percent now it's not off this evidence i think it's been a good result for them but when and then getting result they've managed to make problems and not want to screw over the government it was a convincing performance you're saying from then ok one other quick one it must be pretty face that the british press notorious for its sharp teeth when it comes to
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pursuing a scandal you think after this story is going to mean that the british press is going to lose its bite in the future. well there was that there was a former labor party related no candidate who was roundly rejected by the country and ninety ninety two who said today that he believes that the press should be should have the same rules that british television has a balance and political neutrality and that they were shocked that that's just more struck down into flames and kind of laughed out of questions that i think what the most dangerous thing that could happen from this scandal is the fact that the actions of a tiny tiny proportion of british journalists could be used by ad mainly the left or the left. to try and are put restrictions on the press to try and shut down debates trying to use of the british press i mean i'll be a very sad day obviously a person has to take into account where it went wrong and make some of these sort of things that happen again but if it was a new person presently very sad day for democracy
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a lot more run of the story yet harry kolo blogger joining us live from london passionately on the program. israeli commanders report of the gaza burn a chip on the approach to the blockaded territory reporting no resistance from activists on board the french vessel and some have been taken to the israeli port of ashdod is the last from a ten strong humanitarian flotilla that was prevented from leaving a greek port three weeks ago with the latest paula sleeze across developments for you needs rail. just before noon local time today tuesday the friendship which is known as the detail was surrounded by at least three israeli naval ships as it made its way to gaza this is off to the ship and overnight in international waters now we understand that the israeli navy contacts with the captain of the ship want him that if you went any further they queue would be acting illegally breaking israel's blockade on gaza and according to the israeli army they made it quite clear to the ship's captain and the ship's passengers that there were other legal options available to them and they're all sixteen people on board this ship ten of them are
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passengers three of them are crew three of them are german that's this is the furthest that any ship so far in this series of freedom for two to has been able to go in terms of being able to reach gaza now the israelis are at pains not to see a repeat of what happened last year when you had their feeding going to run that incident in which the chickens citizens were killed when israeli commandos loaded the biggest ship they the mavi marmara and they simply do not want to see that happen again so they added pains to try and see this dealt with peacefully and without any kind of loss of life israeli soldiers naval soldiers boarded the ship when it was some seventy kilometers away from gaza and there's no question that the ship was still in international waters it did go off without incident and what that ship is in the israeli port city of ashdod according to the israeli army spokesperson they have the passengers on board will be dealt with by the israeli immigration police but the question of just how the legal these really actions are
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still remains a very important question there have been at least four separate investigative committees that were set up last year to look at how the israeli soldiers in there so similar incidents of a girl group that now the u.n. family wants counsel found i'm sure that the israeli actions have been clearly unlawful and later this month we can expect the findings of the second iran commission that has we indicated that. why finds the israeli blockade on gaza not illegal israeli soldiers didn't answer that closely when you look at the comments from international legal experts they say that when ships are in the high seas there is something such as the freedom of navigation and as such the israeli soldiers boarding freshets is in fact illegal or from poor online as well she was at reading our blogs. dot com you can catch up with all the stories that you've missed online including things as well. charges brought against the parents of the
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eleven year old russian boy who confessed to attacking a passenger plane with a laser find out what authorities do to clamp down on this growing and potentially deadly problem it's online tonight also. off limits on the why belgian newspapers' copyright row with web giant google is seeing the paper's web site removed from internet search results do you think that they'll give anything any comment want to save and restore him to our family and was that its nose with hear from you that article called it the discussion from an. trade in energy of fuel talks between the leaders of russia and germany in hanover the demands of europe's biggest economy a growing and moscow said it is capable of meeting them on your bush has been following this high level meeting. germany's decision to shut its nuclear stations has opened opportunities for the likes of russia's gazprom because john is hoping to tie up some deals here in hanover which he really sees the german market as a stepping stone to the rest of the european union germany and seize opportunities
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in russia in particular the vast more noise a shift program of russia's infrastructure announced by president mr medvedev and given the problems in the rest of the eurozone there are concerns that the european market may not be providing germany with the same opportunities as before nevertheless president medvedev says he's cautiously optimistic about the future of the eurozone he would like to see more currencies come to the fore there is a particular friendship between angular merkel and made from it better perhaps two of the closest partners on the war stage and that was very much present here in the talks today president medvedev has been quiz several times about his election opportunities and today he said he would be making you know it's a very shortly and richard believes that they shared common views on the whole middle east situation of course both countries abstained from the u.n. vote authorizing action for military intervention in libya so much of it is
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a little saying you shouldn't even know what we thought that the resolution will be implemented according to what it says a no fly zone this is not mean of war but actually instead of a no fly zone what we see is an active phase of civil war and some forces are actually supporting one of the parties to the conflict and that's not good in fact for leaving these very bad so i think we should continue looking for opportunity to find a peaceful solution to this situation we should use all sorts of mediators and all sorts of opportunities because the libyan problem does not have a military solution a reference there to nato mission by several nato states that they are arming libya's rebels and potentially escalating the violence both richmond better and i'm going to merkel favor against military resolution of the syrian conflict where boylan's between government troops and the opposition is growing. human rights
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lawyers are seeking an arrest warrant against a former cia legal director who allegedly approved drone attacks in pakistan that killed hundreds and john rizzo agreed on a list of people to be targeted by drone strikes a practice which started in two thousand and four under the bush administration we're now joined by tara marashi the star of reprieve the campaign group that brought this action against a former cia legal director thanks for being on the program your organization's leading isn't it the charge against him as i just said what kind of results do you expect and you really think will see him behind bars it is that your aim at the end of the day. well i mean the main point behind all of this there were previous hoping to achieve is is to get a measure of transparency out of the obama administration here thus far these drones have been operating in pakistan in the federal peril administrated tribal here in his part time and they've been operating in secret by the cia and they've been killing indiscriminately hundreds of civilians and so the purpose of this is
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is hopefully to get transparency out of out of the cia and out of obama and to to get some justice on behalf of the victims of these drone strikes it's a p.r. exercise when your legal team reprieve particular clive stafford smith supreme court is saying it's unlikely we'll get a warrant so the whole thing's. i don't know and i mean you know well the other thing as it is awareness is awareness but we think we have a very good climate i mean you know rizzo has been on record in saying that in the knowledge that he was the one who was signing off on these death warrants and you know he hasn't made it that he was the one who was you know allowing for these drones to operate in fatah for allowing these drones to kill individuals there which we know has resulted in a number of innocents who have died and so you know it's beholden on the pakistani courts you know to not to not allow this to continue and to stand up for its citizens and say ok enough is enough i guess the kind of argument is that killing
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civilians and military operations isn't considered illegal under international law it proved to be deliberate disproportionate all right cliff not how you ever going to prove it's any of those things considering the u.s. officially is part of a number of civilians dead from ground strikes in pakistan in just a few thousand not a thousand claimed by human rights groups. well you know it's interesting the legal question here is actually quite interesting because as we know the u.s. is not out of war in pakistan and so i don't take it as fact that it is legal for the u.s. to be operating within pakistan i actually think that the u.s. it is operating extra legally by carrying out these drone strikes in pakistan in yemen in somalia and in terms of it being disproportionate you know we have numbers coming out of pakistan that indicate that you know for every one suspected militants being killed one hundred forty innocent civilians are dying as a result of these strikes and so if those numbers are correct you know we have
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people on the ground who are who are gathering information who are doing the investigation and trying to collect the information so that we can bring a more transparent more honest picture to the public about what's happening in pakistan. the u.s. clearly the drone strikes to last despite what you're saying there bring success with a minimal amount of collateral damage but you're talking about all they still an effective tool to strike a target for more conventional weapons. you know i don't think so and i think that if the u.s. is going to make that that claim to make those assertions it's going to have to be transparent to be honest about what it's doing which are currently is not doing the u.s. has to put up its numbers that we've asked you know what how many civilians are being killed the u.s. has you know flatly denied that or they have said that there are any civilians being killed where we know that in fact there are inside the u.s. hasn't been transparent with us and so we can't just accept what the united states is saying as long to our mari stuff attorney it's a reprieve
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a campaign group action against a former cia legal director thank you for your input on the program much appreciated. recovery crews working on lifting the doomed ship bulgaria from the bottom of the volga river of managed to finally bring the vessel upright but they say the operation to raise it might take several days and it's hoped to play a crucial role in finding out why the ship went down in just three minutes this is place an hour rest of the captain of a vessel that sailed past the pleasure cruiser as it was sinking without stopping to help earlier the director of the firm the rent of the boat and the ship's registrar also arrested about areas sank in russian river nine days ago killed nearly one hundred people has become russia's worst ever shipping twenty three vessels like all gary though continue to cruise russian rules and ways is rather have reports next. scenes no one wants to see repeated russia still in shock over the sinking of the river cruise ship bulgaria and killed one hundred
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twenty nine but the pension for the safety of the rest of russia's river fleet the sea for ourselves we traveled upstream to the city of yours. like the vast majority of vessels on the river volga this one was built in soviet times i don't know last twenty years. as each one of you has used that relentlessly most passenger ships of this war operate at a loss vessel service in remote areas are subsidized with tickets costing as little as fifty cents apiece but tourists craft up to get city funding too there is no money for a place once just in the us when you're sick we are just a small company we could never afford to build our old ships i think we're good here the existing ships can be used for another fifty years. owners and says these ships have caused the latest technical inspections but so did the bulgarian and
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that ships had secreted emergency alarm was blamed for the high death toll. some are calling for stricter regulations including some letting up old ships the small operators what is called make up on a large respectable company sees that a ship is getting too expensive to repair instead of writing it off they pass it on to a small rural crater and these smaller outfits are often scrupulous about how they approach maintenance and have no money for it anyway that not everyone agrees. but if we simply start banning the ships we will lose river transport altogether any such measures must go hand in hand with redeveloping the river shipping industry. lemony in chino is one of the new entrepreneurs is hoping to do just that yet here that orders for new vessels have declined dramatically pulling the economic difficulties of the last few years. ago so this industry is not going
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to pull itself out of the current crisis for that to happen the government must take the first step. in the world but even if it does happen it will take year for the new ships to come on stream in the meantime passengers on an old ship if they're going to stop using it because of safety concerns that one can be scared of everything so i will carry on going on these ever buy a happens. see your father. especially his business. thanks kevin hello and welcome to the business update on the shadow of that now extends from washington to tokyo and covers the capitals of europe not panicking yet but the steady drip of bad news is taking in store politicians are playing a pass as a unit is coralie of a greece u.s.
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lawmakers are in stalemate over the debt ceiling the c.e.o. of index futures group jack lew john explains what to do in these conditions i think the pessimistic investor needs to still have exposure to the market unfortunately remember a pessimistic investor right now believe it or not has to be counter intuitive in one nine hundred thirty two for example soybeans trading of forty four cents a bushel in one nine hundred fifty two they traded at four dollars and fifty cents a bushel this was a conscious effort on the part of the government to inflate or instead of growth and that's exactly what happened we saw the devaluation of the currency so believe it or not it has a mistake investor right now needs to be exposed to commodities needs to be exposed to hard assets so as an individual i think what you have to do is almost bite the bullet and fine investments that make sense multinationals of course that have exposure all over the world that are part of this global growth story. life is getting easier for foreign investors playing on the russian stock market they now
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don't have to pay a twenty percent capital gains tax trading local sheriff's officials say foreigners often concluded deals with russian blue chips outside the country in order to avoid tax and let's hope the move will help boost liquidity in the market. place as nicely to the commodities and stock markets now through those on the rise as investors wait for a report due out on wednesday or may show us some entries in injuries decline for some weeks we could always also contributing to the gains u.s. markets are showing strong rally corporate results from i.b.m. critical of beating expectations i.b.m. is up five percent providing optimism to investors and the concerns remain now as of banks. in moscow both exchanges also ended choose the session in the black the r.t.s. up one percent my six three quarters of a percent is mainly due to rebound on the oil market energy majors are on the rise held by this gain a new oil price gazprom is gaining one percent he is up one point seven percent on
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reports it's agreed to acquire energy assets in brazil the deal could boost his reserves by three hundred percent financials also on a rally after a sell of the previous trading session b.c.b.s. up two percent of the close and leave it done up from gazprom back rubs of the day to be worked out all important results more probably progress with record growth that. bank of america merrill lynch growth and what results which were actually look really great reward moral worth and why with patience especially merrill lynch global such as metal visions but never the worse it was more pressure for the market. neutral and basically. more that's it for now join my colleague mary in the course or she'll be here ten twenty am moscow time with a fresh wednesday update. all
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